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Dental Implant Care: Tips for Proper Maintenance

Portrait of beautiful young woman using dental floss in a home bathroom.

Have you recently replaced missing teeth with dental implants? If so, it’s important to protect your investment so you can enjoy a healthy, functional smile for many years to come. Fortunately, dental implants can be cared for similarly to natural teeth. Today, our team at River Birch Dental discusses dental implant care and offers tips

Protect Your Investment: How to Properly Care for Your Dental Crown

Man flossing his teeth on light background

If you’ve just received a dental crown, you are probably curious to know how you can best protect your investment. After all, dental work can be time-consuming and costly. Proper care can ensure that your new restoration lasts for many years to come. Today, Dr. Georgie Vargas gives a brief overview of dental crowns and

The Hidden Dental Dangers of Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

A bottle with two pacifiers next to it

The long-term use of a pacifier or baby bottle can lead to tooth decay and expensive orthodontic problems. Baby teeth, even though temporary, guide the proper eruption of permanent teeth, assist in the development of speech, and help maintain correct chewing habits. Alternative self-soothing options and dental checkups for your child are to avoid unnecessary

What to Do When You Have a Toothache

A woman holding her cheek in pain with emergency text to the right of her face

Are you experiencing the unique and unpleasant feeling of dental pain? If so, we sympathize wholeheartedly. A toothache can rob you of your ability to eat or sleep, and force you to put your entire life on hold. You wanted to enjoy your hot coffee this morning? Sorry, toothache says no. You wanted to enjoy

Root canals are nothing to fear!

An illustration of three teeth during the root canal process

It started as a toothache, but the pain has become unbearable. Maybe the tooth already has a crown or filling. When the nerve inside the core of a tooth becomes pressurized against growing bacterial infection, the resulting toothache can become intense. Whether you’ve been informed that you need RCT or you’ve postponed seeing the dentist

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