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We understand the importance of maintaining and improving your oral health so you can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. We conveniently offer a variety of treatment options to meet all of your needs under one roof. 

Dr. Vargas, Dr. Kuntz, Dr. Hauge, and our team of experienced practitioners provide preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. Together, we can tackle some of the most complicated cases to restore your oral health and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Our Expertise

Our dentists blend experience with artistic vision to craft healthy, and brilliant smiles. Whether you’re coming in for a routine checkup or more complex procedures, our dentists want to restore the health and beauty of your smile. 

We offer various treatments to put an end to pain or improve the aesthetics of your teeth. Our dentists specialize in root canal therapy, extractions, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and braces. We can revitalize the health and beauty of your smile with advanced technology and modern techniques. 

At River Birch Dental, your comfort is our number one priority. We want you to experience the effects of a confident smile without enduring the pain. If you have dental anxiety or a low pain tolerance, we offer sedation dentistry to keep you stress-free during your procedures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I make a dental appointment?

It’s best practice to schedule appointments twice a year for professional cleanings and checkups unless otherwise recommended by your dentist. During these appointments, we can examine your oral health and screen for oral cancer. 

We can also perform diagnostic testing to get a closer look at problems that your gums and teeth to see decay that might not cause pain or problems for years to come. Scheduling regular appointments allows our staff to focus on keeping your teeth healthy and mitigating any problems before they require more complex procedures.

What questions should I ask a new dentist?

When in search of a new dentist, you may want to schedule a consultation prior to treatments to ensure the dentist is a good fit for your needs. You may want to find a dentist near your home or place of work for easy access and convenience. 

You can start by searching for dentists on the website of your insurance provider. This will give you an idea of what dentists are in your neighborhood and what services they offer. Questions that you may want to consider asking at your consultation include:

  • Will you provide instructions and information on ways to improve oral health?
  • Do you offer emergency services?
  • How do you treat patients with dental anxiety?
  • Is your office familiar with my insurance plan?
  • Are there any financing options available?
  • Do you treat children?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
  • Is there a fee for missed or canceled appointments?
  • What kind of dental technology does the dentist use?

Do I need to get a professional dental cleaning every six months?

While some patients believe they have a healthy oral care routine, you’ll benefit from additional instructions to improve your techniques and the longevity of your smile. We’ll clean those hard-to-reach areas that you may overlook during your daily routine. 

During your professional cleaning, our staff at River Birch Dental will scale your teeth to get rid of stains, plaque, and tartar which will prevent cavities and potential problems down the line. Once plaque has hardened into tartar, it’s nearly impossible to remove at home.

We can assess the health of your gums and may recommend more frequent treatments if you’re prone to decay or cavities. 

How can I prevent cavities? 

You can prevent cavities by following a few simple steps:

  • Brush twice a day, floss daily, and rinse between meals
  • Use oral care products containing fluoride
  • Visit our office biannually for professional cleanings and checkups
  • Consider dental sealants (mostly seen in children)
  • Avoid sugary or acidic beverages and foods
  • Eat tooth-healthy foods including foods containing vitamin C, phosphorus, and calcium

Following these instructions along with any guidelines recommended by our dentists will help ensure your teeth are beautiful and healthy for a lifetime of smiles.

We Want to Get to Know You

Our team of knowledgable practitioners is ready to serve your dental needs. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists by calling (715) 646-2161. With our knowledge and expertise, we can enhance the quality and beauty of your smile.


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