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Teeth Cleaning and Checkups in Centuria, WI

Overview: Over time teeth build up material that must be professionally cleaned.  Commonly, this is done multiple times per year based upon each individual patient’s needs.  These appointments are when routine dental checkups and x-rays are performed to monitor overall dental health.  Each checkup is a great time to get a good sense of your individual oral health, including, not just teeth but the soft tissues that surround and support the teeth.

Patient Experience: Your teeth are cleaned using special instruments to remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline. Afterwards, your teeth are polished to make them look and feel great.

Preventive Care: To avoid the time and expense required for complex dental work, early detection is the key. Our dentists believe that prevention starts with control of plaque and calculus, the culprits responsible for decay and gum disease. Our goal is to prevent future decay and gum disease using thorough oral hygiene instruction and supplemental fluorides.  By sharing our knowledge about prevention, we will be able to save you lots of time, money, and hassles in the future.

Gingivitis: Gingivitis is inflammation of the gum tissue.  It is a transient condition that can be resolved relatively quickly (about two weeks).  It is characterized by red, swollen, tender gums that may bleed when you brush.  This condition is most easily resolved with thorough dental cleanings and consistent home oral hygiene care.

Periodontitis: Periodontitis is a chronic long term disease.  It is commonly referred to as gum disease.  It is when the body forms pocketing around the teeth.  The pockets around the teeth commonly bleed during brushing and flossing, and the pocketing can be a major source of bacteria that causes bad breath.  As the pocketing progresses, the bone that holds the teeth in place begins to erode.  The stability of the teeth can become compromised.  Gum disease is heavily linked to heart disease and stroke.  In order to control this chronic condition, it is often necessary to initially begin with a deeper and more exhaustive cleaning procedure.  Following this initial deep cleaning, the disease is controlled over the long term with more frequent dental cleanings.

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