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Instant stress. Just when you least expect it. A foul ball slides past the glove and knocks out an incisor. One missed step in your front yard, and a gorgeous smile sustains a nasty-looking chip.

We never know when dental disasters may strike, but you can prepare by knowing who to call in that moment, instead of being wrought with anxiety and frustration.

The dentists at River Birch Dental know exactly how to handle dental emergencies of all types, so you can feel confident that calling our Centuria, WI office for your dental emergency is the best course of action.

Right now, stop and pick up your cell phone. In your address book, add 715-646-2161 under “Emergency Dentist.”

Acute Toothache

Have you ever bitten down on a ripe, juicy apple and felt intense pain at the base of a front tooth? You were hoping for sweet satisfaction, but instead you felt shooting pain! Tooth sensitivity to pressure refers to pain that occurs when biting or chewing, though sometimes the pressure of a strong wind can cause a tooth to ache.

Have you ever taken a drink of hot coffee and felt a sharp, stabbing ache in your jaw? Temperature fluctuations can also contribute to dental pain. Pain increases when teeth come in contact with icy or hot foods.

Other times, a tooth simply aches with no apparent stimulus.

Each patient’s toothache symptoms are unique. They can be mild or severe, short-lived or long-lasting. The source of a dental problem, as well as the patient’s pain tolerance, daily habits, and overall health, significantly affect how dental pain feels and how rapidly it increases. The best treatment for an escalating toothache is to schedule a dental visit shortly after the onset of pain, so that you can see one of our dentists before your toothache becomes an emergency.

For immediate toothache relief, take an over-the-counter pain reliever and call our office for the next available appointment. However, if your pain is unbearable, meaning you cannot sleep through the night or complete tasks due to pain, your toothache can be considered an emergency.

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Cracks, Breaks, and Chips

Cracks in teeth are not always visible to the naked eye; only an x-ray will reveal them. Some cracks appear in the enamel, and some are deep, penetrating to a tooth’s core, in which case root canal therapy is the only treatment that may save the tooth. Significant tooth cracks can lead to a broken tooth, in which the crown of a tooth literally breaks off, leaving the root in its socket. A broken tooth is always an emergency.

Depending on the severity of a cracked tooth, treatment may involve placing a crown or extraction and replacement of the tooth. To determine whether your tooth crack requires emergency dentistry, ask yourself if the pain will keep you from sleeping through the night. If the answer is no, call our office for an appointment.

Chipped teeth often cause no pain and do not require emergency dentistry. Small chips usually need cosmetic correction with dental bonding. When a chip is large enough to damage the dentin or pulp of a tooth, a toothache instantly occurs, and emergency dentistry is the best option. Substantial chips may require treatment with a crown or, in severe cases, tooth extraction. To maintain healthy occlusion and jawbone density, our dentists always advise replacing a missing tooth, with a dental implant if possible.

Wobbly or Knocked-Out Tooth

We expect children’s primary teeth to naturally loosen and fall out, because they will be followed by a set of permanent teeth. Once permanent teeth have developed, any looseness or motion in a tooth is cause for concern. There are two primary causes of tooth looseness: gum disease and injury. Our dentists treat both. Gum disease sets in over time, and it will be detected at a patient’s bi-annual checkups and cleanings. If you’ve not attended a preventive dental visit in the last six months, schedule one now. We can assess your loose tooth and determine whether gum disease is the cause.

Injury usually happens quickly. From everyday mishaps like biting down on a hard seed or nut while eating, to more serious situations such as being involved in an automobile accident, injuries to the jaw and teeth can result in one or more teeth being completely dislodged. If you are in a situation where someone has tooth knocked out, you should call us for emergency dentistry. Find the tooth and soak it in the patient’s saliva or milk. Keep the tooth submerged. Place a clean, moist cloth in the patient’s mouth and ask him to bite down to help stop bleeding. Bring the patient and tooth to our office immediately. Occasionally, a dentist can replace a dislodged tooth.

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When Emergency Dental Care Isn’t the Immediate Solution

Dentists do not treat flesh wounds, so if your child falls and his tooth cuts through his lip, and the bleeding won’t stop, go to the emergency room. Similarly, when you suspect a broken jaw, the emergency room should be your first call.

If you are a patient of ours or need a new dentist, we want to help you! Call our office if you sustain dental damage due to an accident. As part of your healthcare team, we will play the important role of restoring dental damage after injury, so you can enjoy a healthy, full, comfortably functioning smile, even after serious injury.

Financing Emergency Dental Treatment

When a health emergency occurs, your thoughts should not have to turn toward finances. You should only have to concern yourself with the health and comfort of your loved one – even if that loved one is you! At River Birch Dental, we file dental insurance claims, and we also accept CareCredit. For patients without insurance or those unable to meet their out-of-pocket expenses, CareCredit provides a low- or no-interest payment plan suitable for most budgets. We will help you apply at your visit, or you can go to CareCredit online to apply now.

Call Us First for Emergency Dentistry

When a dental emergency strikes, you will not expect it. However, now you are prepared, because you know who to call! To learn more about River Birch Dental and the care we provide for families who live in and near Centuria, WI, call us today to schedule a checkup or consultation: 715-646-2161.

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