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Dental Care for the Whole Family

Good oral health is essential to maintaining your overall well being. However, just having a consistent at-home oral hygiene routine may not be enough to protect your teeth and gums from certain dental complications. In fact, professional dentistry treatment is crucial to supporting and protecting your oral health. 

At River Birch Dental, we offer expert family dentistry services for patients of all ages. From pediatric dental care to surgical tooth extractions, our general dentist in Centuria, WI can do it all. Dr. Georgie Vargas is eager to help you maintain your beautiful smile! Read on to discover our treatments and learn how you and your teeth may benefit.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry encompasses treatments designed to support and preserve oral health for patients of all ages. Complications like cavities, gum diseases, and infection can wreak havoc on your teeth if not immediately treated. Thankfully, our expert general dentistry services can help prevent these and many more dental issues. 

It’s best to schedule a routine appointment with our Centuria family dentist once every six months to keep your mouth free of any harmful bacteria. Our hygienists and dentists can detect, diagnose, and treat a host of dental problems, ensuring you receive the unique care you need in a timely manner.

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Our Family Dentistry Services

Teeth Cleanings and Checkups

Biannual teeth cleanings and checkups are crucial to supporting and protecting your oral health. Brushing and flossing alone may not be enough to protect your oral health from potentially serious dental conditions like gum disease. 

Over time, unhealthy bacteria hardens into plaque and tartar, which is only removeable with professional dental tools. Our dental exams are also important to keep tabs on your oral health, ensuring your teeth, gums, and jaw are free of any developing problems. 

Periodontal Treatments

Many patients overlook their gum health when it comes to their smile, but they’re just as important as the teeth themselves. If you’re experiencing swollen or bleeding gums, you may be in need of a periodontal treatment. If caught early, the effects of periodontal (gum) disease can be easily reversed during the gingivitis stage.

Our periodontist in Centuria offers both surgical and non-surgical gum disease treatments for your convenience. Certain factors can put a patient at a heightened risk of gum disease, so if you suspect your gums may be infected, schedule an appointment with our dentists right away. 

Dental Fillings & Cavities

If you have or have had a cavity in the past, you may benefit from dental fillings to protect your teeth from further unhealthy bacteria and decay. Cavities are a common dental issue, but can lead to a heightened risk of  infection if they spread to the inside of your tooth. Dental fillings can fill in the area damaged by cavities or dental trauma. 

Dr. Vargas offers both silver (amalgam) and tooth-colored fillings. Each material has their own unique benefits, and our restorative dentist will help to determine which is best suited for your needs during your initial consultation. 

Pediatric Dentistry

At River Birch Dental, we also provide pediatric dentistry services for our youngest patients. We recommend bringing your child in for their first dental appointment sometime between the appearance of their first tooth and their first birthday. This way, we can assess their teeth, gums, and jaw for any early signs of dental complications. 

Our pediatric dentist offers oral cleanings, exams, tooth extractions, and fillings to help support your little one’s oral health. We’ll also educate both you and your child on healthy oral hygiene habits, making it a fun and positive experience. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Also known as your third set of molars, wisdom teeth can cause complications when they grow in because our mouths don’t have sufficient room for them. If your ill-fitting back teeth are causing you pain, you may need to undergo wisdom tooth removal

Dr. Vargas will ensure your procedure is as painless and stress-free as possible. Thanks to our dental sedation options, you can be completely at ease during your appointment. This procedure is typically recommended for patients in their late teens to early twenties. 

Oral Surgery & Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth aren’t the only teeth that may need removing for the good of your oral health. Dr. Vargas may decide it’s best to extract infected or severely decayed teeth, and may recommend a tooth extraction, of which we offer surgical and simple removal procedures.  

For your convenience, we can remove a tooth as an emergency dental procedure, which is reserved for teeth that are causing severe pain or have been irreparably damaged. Our dentists will ensure your procedure is virtually painless. 

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