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Full Mouth Extractions And Immediate Denture (Teeth In One Day).

Closeup of a patient's mouth with worn down and decayed teeth before extractions and immediate denture, at River Birch Dental in CenturiaCloseup of a patient's mouth after full mouth extractions and immediate denture, Teeth In One Day, at River Birch Dental in Centuria

Your friends and family can sense there’s something wrong, because you rarely smile, and you haven’t accepted a dinner invitation in months. Are you depressed? Toothaches, chronic bad breath, missing teeth – they’re embarrassing, even frustrating. It doesn’t matter how you came to this state, what’s important is that you find a way out as soon as possible. If you don’t, your physical health and mental outlook could take a serious turn for the worst.

Isn’t it time you get your life back?

Whether your mouth has fallen into a state of poor health, you’re missing multiple teeth, or your current dentures are uncomfortable, the doctors at River Birch Dental want to help you reclaim a healthy mouth. With new, custom-fitted dentures, you can also regain self-confidence, quality of life, and the ability to eat a meal comfortably, without worry and pain. Your diet and overall health can even improve. Our dental office in Centuria, WI is accepting denture consultations for new patients now, so give us a call at (715) 646-2161 today.

Three Categories of Dentures

Over 36-million Americans have no teeth, while 120 million are missing one or more teeth1. Somewhere in between these figures fall the mass of people who would enjoy a better life with dentures.

Dentures are a prosthetic, meaning they replace a lost body part—namely, teeth. To begin your understanding of dentures, you need to know the three main categories:

  • Partial Dentures – replace one or more missing teeth on the upper or lower arch, or both, and are attached to natural teeth with clips
  • Full Dentures – replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch, or both, and stay in place with suction (upper arch only) or adhesive
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch, or both, and are secured to small, screw-like, biocompatible posts anchored in the jaw; minor surgery required

A Life-Enhancing Decision

In short, by choosing to wear dentures, your life will improve–in quality and possibly in longevity. Studies show that edentulous patients (those with no teeth) do not live as long as people with teeth2.

You now know that dentures come with a factual, scientific backing, but what about solving the struggles you face every day? What about your life? Why are you considering dentures?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Embarrassed/low self-esteem

Every time you open your mouth, others notice that you’re missing teeth. You also have bad breath and unsightly dental work. When you speak, there’s an obvious oddness about your speech and enunciation. You know that people notice, and you’re embarrassed. You don’t feel like part of the group; you don’t want to go out on the weekends, because you dread the looks you’ll have to endure. It’s better to avoid the embarrassment and just stay home. After all, pets don’t judge, and they’re great company.


Because most people base their opinions on appearance, not only are you embarrassed, but you’re starting to feel depressed. Others don’t view you as an equal at work and socially. You stay in, and you’re becoming anti-social. This isn’t like you. It makes you sad.

Tired, sickly

As your oral health has declined, so has your overall health. You’re visiting the doctor more, and he’s told you that issues from long-term, poor oral health could contribute to your recurring illnesses. You also miss eating healthy foods. Chewing carrots is painful, and granola is out of the question. Maybe you need to take more vitamins.

Frustrated about pain

Mouth pain, jaw pain, headaches, and other nagging symptoms related to bad oral health and missing teeth were irritating, but now they’re keeping you up at night. Lack of sleep comes with another set of problems. Life is starting to feel completely out of your control.


Studies said it was true, but now you know firsthand. An unattractive smile can lead to getting passed over for jobs3. You’re feeling older – and looking older. Is your jaw actually starting to change shape? Your profile looks different…

Common problems

These feelings and scenarios are common to tens of thousands of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of people globally. By reading this article, you are already taking steps to learn about dentures, so you’re on the right track to finding a lifelong solution to your worsening situation. In a matter of only a few weeks, you could have a full set of dentures and be on the road to re-establishing the “real” you—the confident, healthier, more social you!

Feel Great About Your Choice

Our dentists will give you all the information you need to make a wise decision about the type of dentures that will serve your case and lifestyle best. At your consultation, we’ll take a series of x-rays and discuss your health history, medications, dental history, and concerns. The doctor will answer all your questions, as well. You’ll leave the visit understanding the next steps in your treatment plan, based on what you and the doctor decided.

Don’t allow the expense of dentures to keep you from the dentures you deserve. Remember that your quality of life and overall health depend upon having a healthy mouth and fully functional set of teeth! We will file your dental insurance and work diligently to make your out-of-pocket expense as low as possible. For uninsured patients and those with a high out-of-pocket expense, we often suggest CareCredit, a respected third-party financial firm that offers low- and no-interest loans to qualified patients.

Truly Living with Dentures

From your first day with dentures, you’ll notice improvements in your life, starting with your appearance. One look in the mirror, and you’ll fall in love with your new smile: white, full, and sensational! Over the next few weeks, you will become accustomed to wearing dentures, as you learn how they feel when chewing food and pronouncing words. Dentures are a prosthetic, so it can take a little time to get used to using them. Once your dentures feel like part of your body, you will enjoy all their benefits, from improved self-confidence, to a younger-looking image, to comfortable chewing, to feeling healthier overall!

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