Change Your Smile with Adult Braces, Change Your Life!

a young patient with braces on her teeth

I’m too old for braces.
I missed my chance to fix my crooked teeth.
My teeth are unfixable.
I don’t want to wear braces that make me look like a kid again.

Do any of these statements sound like the voices in your head? If you have misaligned teeth, you probably would love to get them fixed with adult braces, but one of these little voices is holding you back.

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You don’t have to listen to those voices anymore! Fixing a misaligned smile can change your life. When you love how your smile looks, you’ll feel like sharing that smile with the world. This can change every relationship in your life and even make you more confident and outgoing. We’ve seen stunning transformations at River Birch Dental, and we love to be a part of improving our patients’ lives.

What Adult Braces Tell People

One of the most common reasons why adults don’t pursue orthodontic treatments is because they think it will be embarrassing to have metal braces. Braces are for little kids, right? Not anymore. Adult use of orthodontics has been rising significantly in recent years. It’s no longer uncommon to see an adult in braces.

You’ve probably even seen an adult in braces and thought: why don’t I do that? If you think someone in your life might tease you for getting braces, consider this: an adult wearing braces is telling the world “I have invested in myself; I am taking active steps to improve my appearance and oral health.” Such a statement commands respect and shows people that you are changing your life for the better.

Fitting Adult Braces into Your Life

The great thing about adult braces is that after you start treatment, you don’t have to do anything. You may need to pay a little extra attention to your oral hygiene, and avoid very sticky foods, but that’s an easy adjustment. As long as you come to your monthly appointments, your teeth will gradually shift into a more balanced state of alignment. This is a far easier adjustment than if you opt for a course of clear aligner treatments.

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Why Choose Braces Over Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are extremely popular today, but they aren’t the right choice for everyone. If you have bite problems (overbite, under bite, etc.) you may not even qualify for them. They also cannot rotate teeth or shift them vertically. Bracket-and-wire braces are still the most effective treatment for correcting a wide range of alignment problems. That doesn’t mean metal braces are the same as they’ve always been. Today’s metal braces use advanced technology, so they work better, faster, and with less painful sensations. You can even opt for ceramic braces that blend in with the color of your teeth.

Braces are also a great choice in you are worried about fitting the costs into your budget. Clean aligners cost significantly more and have a greater potential for complications and set-backs. Why might clear aligners be more likely to fail you? They rely on patient compliance. If you forget to wear them for a few days, you may upset your entire treatment plan. Leave them in the car on a hot day, and you’ll have to pay for a new set of aligners. They also prevent you from snacking and sipping your coffee or tea in the morning; you have to wear them at all times and cannot eat or drink between limited meal times. With braces, you may have a few small changes to your diet and oral hygiene routine, but you can count on them working without having to lift a finger.

If you’ve always wanted to fix your teeth, visit River Birch Dental for an orthodontic consultation. We will assess your oral health and diagnose any alignment problems. If you have any oral health concerns we will work with you to restore your teeth, so you can be a candidate for adult braces. Call our Centuria, WI dental office at 715-646-2161 to make an appointment.

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