What to Expect with Tooth Extractions

Learning that you need a tooth removed might make you imagine some terrifying words, like “pulled” or “yanked.” If you don’t know what to expect, it makes sense that you’d have some apprehension. In reality, simple tooth extractions are usually one of the fastest and easiest dental procedures for patients. We often hear “is that it?” from patients after our Centuria, WI tooth extractions because they are surprised by how quickly the procedure is finished.

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Why Do I Need an Extraction?

Tooth extractions may be needed for several reasons. Children sometimes need to have a tooth pulled before they can start a course of orthodontic treatments, to make room for adult teeth. Patients who are getting dentures may need to have failing teeth removed in order to make room for partial or full dentures. When adults with otherwise healthy mouths need a tooth removed, however, it’s usually the result of an infection in the tooth.

When a tooth has a cavity, as long as the decay stays in the outer hard portion of the tooth (the enamel) it can be restored with a filling. If the decay reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth, however, the tooth must undergo a root canal therapy to remove the infection. A root canal and filling or crown can usually save a tooth, but only if most of the tooth’s base structure is intact. If the decay has spread to the outer structure of a tooth’s root, however, a root canal is not enough to save it—and it must be extracted.

If you’ve been told you need a tooth extracted, you should always comply with the treatment. Dentists do everything possible to save a tooth; we only recommend extraction when keeping the tooth might pose a risk to your health. An infected tooth that cannot be restored may develop an abscess, or pocket of infection, in the gum tissue. This can spread bacterial infection to the rest of the body and put your health at risk. Removing the tooth is the only way to prevent this potential danger and restore your mouth to a state of good health. If you have been in pain due to an infected or decayed tooth, you can look forward to the extraction, knowing that the source of your pain will soon be gone.

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What Happens During an Extraction

The removal of an erupted tooth is referred to as a simple extraction. Most simple dental extractions take only a few minutes and include the following steps:

  1. An Anesthetic Injection. A local anesthetic will make sure that you feel no unpleasant sensations during the treatment.
  2. Loosening the Tooth. Once your mouth has been numbed, the doctor will use a device called an elevator to gently lift and loosen the tooth away from the gum tissue. You may feel some pressure, but you shouldn’t feel any pain.
  3. Removing the Tooth. The doctor will grip the tooth with a forceps, and gently move it back and forth until it slides easily from the gums. You may feel the back-and-forth movement, but it shouldn’t hurt.

In some cases, an extraction may need an extra step if the tooth has broken into more than one piece, but this usually does not add a lot of time to the procedure.

Surgical Extractions

When a tooth that has not erupted must be removed, this is referred to as a surgical extraction. These treatments require the gum tissue to be cut to gain access to the tooth. Patients with impacted or unerupted wisdom teeth must have surgical extractions to remove the teeth. This process usually requires a stronger level of anesthesia and you may therefore need someone to drive you home afterwards.

Why Extractions Are a Good Thing

Centuria, WI dental extractions are always a good thing because they bring an end to your pain and clear the way for better oral health in the future. If a tooth deemed unsalvageable is allowed to stay in the mouth, the pain will only get worse and the infection may spread to other teeth, the gums, or the rest of your body. Once the tooth is gone, you can start to think about replacing it with a prosthetic, such as a dental implant or a dental bridge.

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