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Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain and soreness? Perhaps you want to have your wisdom teeth removed to prevent potential problems in the future. No matter what your situation, River Birch Dental can provide you with a safe, comfortable wisdom tooth extraction procedure. This treatment can be completed conveniently in our Centuria, WI dental office to relieve pain or prevent your teeth from becoming impacted or misaligned in the future.

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Common Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth tend to cause more problems than any other adult teeth, so wisdom teeth extractions are very common. If left in the mouth, wisdom teeth can cause:

  • Pain and swelling
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Overcrowding and alignment problems
  • Jaw pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Cysts that damage the jaw bone

What are Wisdom Teeth?

The wisdom teeth are the third molars and they are last adult teeth to erupt. For most people, they do not appear in the mouth until the late teens or early twenties, hence you should be a wise adult by the time they come in! However, they do start growing beneath the gum tissue in your early teens, so they can be removed before they erupt.

Because wisdom teeth tend to cause problems if the jaw does not have room for them, many people choose to have them extracted preventively. If you have had an issue with overcrowding in the past, (for example, if you underwent a course of orthodontic treatments), you may wish to have the wisdom teeth removed to prevent your teeth from becoming misaligned again.

With our modern diet, wisdom teeth are not necessary for proper dentition, so there is no need to preserve them. They are a remnant from the past—when humans consumed more unprocessed grains, tough meats, and fibrous vegetable matter. Many people do not have room in the jaw for the wisdom teeth and this can lead to oral health concerns. If the teeth become impacted, they may try to erupt sideways or become blocked by other teeth. This can cause painful sores, cysts, and inflammation in the soft tissues at the back of the mouth.

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Why Do So Many People Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Even if you have space in the jaw to allow the wisdom teeth to come in properly, you may still wish to have them extracted. Many adults who keep their wisdom teeth wind up having them removed later in life, as they can be prone to decay and other dental problems. Molars, in general, are harder to clean than other teeth: they sit far back in the mouth and have deep crevices in which bacteria can hide.

That said, there are many people who keep their wisdom teeth and never experience problems with them—so it is ultimately a personal decision. You should always consult with a dentist before you decide what to do with your wisdom teeth. It’s best to know whether your jaw will have room to hold the third molars before you decide to keep or extract them. Visit one of our doctors at River Birch Dental and we will assess your case and explain any potential problems with the placement and development of your wisdom teeth.

What Parents Should Know About Wisdom Teeth

Many parents inquire about the ideal time to have a child’s wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth should be extracted when the teeth are at least two thirds of the way finished growing, before the roots have grown into the jaw. This makes for a less-traumatic surgery, as the roots do not need to be wrenched from the jaw in order to remove the teeth.

Since every patient is unique, the right age for wisdom teeth may fall anywhere between ages 16 and 19. In some cases, the ideal time for extraction may be even younger or older than 16-19. To determine the best age for your child’s wisdom teeth extraction, contact River Birch Dental and we will take x-rays to assess your child’s growth and development timeline.

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