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Pediatric Patients

Overview: We see ourselves as part of your entire family.  We want to take care of all of our dental patients no matter what their age.  This includes cleanings, cavities, or any other treatment they may need.

Patient Experience:  Commonly, we recommend bringing your children to your dental appointments around the age of two.  We will do an examination and keep the appointment very easy as stress free for you and your children.  As your child matures, they will get their own individual appointment where we will also perform a cleaning and x-rays.  We want both the child and parent to be comfortable, but we find children are the best “helpers” when parents allow them to go back to their appointment alone.  We would like to encourage your child’s autonomy, but you are welcome to be present during the child’s appointment if you prefer.  We will thoroughly discuss your child’s needs and answer any questions during each appointment.

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