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What is Dental Anxiety?

Do you dread visiting the dental office or avoid scheduling appointments? Dental treatments can make people nervous, and some would rather live with oral health issues than set foot in a dentist’s office. If this sounds like you, then you may be suffering from dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety is a common problem that can be caused by previous experiences, phobias, or lack of trust. At River Birch Dental, we want to make sure that you’re totally comfortable the moment you enter our office.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

If you’re experiencing dental anxiety, Dr. Vargas will provide you with sedation to ensure you’re comfortable during your visit. Administered before your treatment, the purpose of sedation is to put you in a state of total relaxation so that you don’t feel any pain or fear at any point in the process.

While you’ll be conscious during the entire visit, the sedation may cause you to feel drowsy and can sometimes cause amnesia effects. We’ll also offer the option to listen to music through headphones as an additional distraction.

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Types of Sedation We Offer

The form of sedation we offer our patients is called nitrous oxide. This is also known as laughing gas because it puts patients in a euphoric state and can cause them to laugh. It’s administered through a mask that is placed over your nose. You’ll inhale the gas before Dr. Vargas begins your treatment as well as during.

Each person reacts to dental treatments and medications differently, so we’ll make sure to perform a thorough evaluation before providing you with this sedation. We’ll also monitor you while you’re receiving the nitrous oxide to ensure you’re completely safe.

After your dental care is completed, we’ll take off the mask and flush out the sedation with oxygen. This will ensure you have total control of your body again and can drive home safely once the nitrous oxide is completely out of your system.

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Contact Us to Cure Your Dental Anxiety

It’s common to feel anxious about dental treatments, but sedation dentistry can help. Contact us at (715) 646-2161 or fill out our contact form to learn more about sedation dentistry, and how you can feel at ease the next time you visit our office.

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